Testimonials - Socks 'n Rocks


Lenore Harris – I have vertigo and am wearing the socks for aerobics, my balance is so much better.

Elmer MacDonald (Miramichi Fiddler) – I have a bad back and hips and have bad balance. I wear the socks and can stand up so much straighter and my balance is much better. I use them when I am on stage playing and am able to stand and have my balance. I forgot them at the cottage one time and I went back to get them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Ricky Russell – I was always feeling pins and needles in my feet, my feet always hurt and felt like an old pair of socks where balled up on my feet. Since wearing the socks, this has improved by 90%, anyone with this problem should be wearing the socks.

Elaine McKibbon – I worked as a Nurse and have had painful feet for years. I put the insoles in my dress shoes and there is definitely less pain and discomfort.

Socks 'n Rocks
8 Church Street
Miramichi, NB E1N 0C1

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